Manage BitLocker The Right Way

Companies and government organizations have to devote considerable resources to installing and managing drive encryption solutions.

And it's not just a matter of handling all the technical chores. Administrative tasks have to be performed; organizational decisions need to be made. In the interest of efficiency, the solution's utility has to be maximized while the roll-out and recovery effort has to be minimized.

BitTruster BitLocker Management enhances and extends Microsoft BitLocker by rendering your business processes on a unified management interface. It frees you to devote your precious resources to what matters most when implementing and managing BitTruster – towards ensuring compliance and utility. And rest assured, your systems' compatibility, stability and performance will be maintained at the highest level.

Central BitLocker Key Management

Business grinds to a halt if a company is unable to access its data in the event of a glitch. BitTruster stores BitLocker keys securely and centrally to keep those wheels turning. For one, it simplifies administration. Secondly, it drastically reduces downtime. Computing environments that lack centralized administration are fraught with uncertainty. BitTruster puts all that uncertainty to rest.

BitLocker Recovery

Microsoft BitLocker encryption requires two critical bits of information for recovery—the TPM PIN and the BitLocker recovery password. With BitTruster, these two assets are stored permanently and centrally in the database so they can be accessed immediately for recovery purposes. For example, if one of your users forgets his or her personal PIN, they can be reminded of the old PIN or, if necessary, provided with a new one.

BitTruster secures the even more critical BitLocker recovery password in much the same way. With this password, an encrypted computer can be restored even in situations where the PIN is unavailable or hardware has been modified.

Compliance Reporting for BitLocker

Companies are compelled to comply with certain statutory data management requirements that vary from industry to industry. Provisions are in place to determine how companies store, archive, encrypt and recover enterprise data. These regulations were enacted to prevent data theft and protect consumers' privacy. Firms face stiff penalties for noncompliance. Any failure to comply may be publicized and do incalculable damage to a company's reputation.

BitTruster BitLocker Management helps your company live up to its compliance obligations, today and for many tomorrows to come. It provides central encryption management capabilities from a single point of administration, thereby reducing the effort that goes into protecting your data.  BitTruster also takes a simpler, integrated approach to make compliance reporting that much easier.

The reporting functions of BitTruster BitLocker Management are easily customized and automated to suit your needs. They afford you a quick and simple yet comprehensive overview of all protected and unprotected systems. You can see at a glance which users have access to these systems.

Central BitLocker Policies

Your security specifications are put into action very easily because BitTruster BitLocker Management enables you to define and manage BitLocker encryption policies from a unified console. With automated, central management tools at your fingertips, it takes much less day-to-day effort to keep your systems up and running. BitTruster BitLocker Management underpins your efforts to provide the powerful support users need to keep your business humming along. Everything from initial client registration and TPM chip activation to ongoing recovery key management is done with remarkable ease and efficiency.

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