it-sa Wrap!

Having just returned from the it-sa 2017 show in Nuremberg, I wanted to write down some thoughts.

First of all, I am very happy that we decided to take part in the show together with our absolutely excellent distribution partner, ProSoft and have enjoyed spending time with their it-sa team. Andreas, Daniel, Markus, Peter, Sven and Veronika, you all rock!

Am also glad that I got to meet so many partners, existing, new and potential. Talking to you and understanding how you see the business helps us develop in the direction that allows us to best serve the market. It also reconfirms my belief that working together is the way to achieve things.

Talking with attendees at the fair, a few things became even clearer to me. The imminent arrival of the new GDPR legislation is really hitting home. To me it feels like the time to educate about why to take steps to protect people’s data is over and it is time to provide solutions to how to do it and how to prove it is done.

These discussions with both attendees and experts, a particular thank you to you, Max, confirmed to me that while GDPR in its entirety throws up a complex set of requirements, our solution does provide the means to definitively tick a few of the most fundamental boxes on that longish must-do list.

All in all, the show was an excellent experience and while sitting down, at a desk, hasn’t felt this good in quite some time, we are definitely going back next year!

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#itsa2017 #EUDSGVO #GDPR #Compliance #BitLocker

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