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Introducing BitTruster

BitTruster® is the solution of choice for setting up and using Microsoft® BitLocker. Beyond that, BitTruster helps you comply with regulatory and organizational requirements and optimize business processes.

Our Vision

BitTruster is here to make BitLocker encryption management an exercise in convenience for organizations of every size. Our motto says it all—"We manage encryption."

The Concept

Hard drive encryption is not just about technology; it's also about maximizing ease of use while minimizing overhead and effort for rollout and recovery. BitTruster builds on Microsoft BitLocker to map your business processes to a dashboard enabling central management. It not only lets you set up your resources to comply with all regulations; it is also nondisruptive so your systems' compatibility, stability and performance remain fully intact.


How does it work?

BitLocker is a standard Windows feature. That means:

  • Zero conflicts with the operating system

  • Best performance and fastest initial encryption

  • Future-proofed, Microsoft-based technology

  • Zero hardware incompatibilities

  • UEFI fully supported

BitTruster builds on BitLocker to provide:

  • Central management via BitTruster

  • Diverse monitoring and reporting options

  • Simple PIN management

  • Centrally archived recovery keys

  • Backups of BitLocker key packages

  • Automated client setup

  • A modicum of administrative effort

BitTruster Values

 No need to install clients – lower costs and no compatibility issues


Central admin – convenient capture and management of all BitLocker clients

TPM and PIN management – automated process to drive down IT costs

Powerful recovery capabilities – extensive toolset for restoring encrypted systems

Comprehensive reporting – full compliance assured    

"Software is amazingly easy to implement and use"


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BitTruster Partner

We work with a number of partners across EMEA and North America, and we are always keen to engage with resellers, IT service providers and integrators who see the value of adding the easiest MS BitLocker management solution on the market to their portfolio.

Please email or contact me directly. Chris Saven, MD, BitTruster

Looking for a local BitTruster distribution partner?


Liquid PC is our distribution partner in the USA and Canada

Contact Liquid PC:

Prosoft is our distributor in the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland 

Contact Prosoft Software Vertriebs GmbH:  +49 (0)8171 405 200



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